Clean & Fresh recognise the importance of developing industry cleaning methods and has given financial support to a number of independent research projects aimed at developing the way carpets and fabric is maintained. The information gained through this research has been has been integrated in to Clean & Fresh’s services and practices resulting in the best possible service for our clients.
Stain Removal Expertise
The Clean and Fresh team are experts in the art of cleaning and stain removal with consistently excellent results.  Their trustworthy performance elevates the Company from 'good to great', as confirmed by their clients' testimonials.
With the aid of Legend Brands Europe the team is able to attain excellent results in the removal of the followng problems, most of which are experienced in their clients' premises on a regular basis:
  • Chewing Gum
  • Oil, tar and grease stains
  • Food and drink stains (redwine and alohol)
  • Grease on restaurant carpets
  • Blood and excrement
  • Coffee and tea stains


    Exclusive Cleaning Product
    With decades of combined experience and knowledge in the cleaning business, Clean & Fresh decided to develop their own unique and completely exclusive cleaning product, titled Ultra Clean No.1. 
    Specially developed Ultra Clean No.1 is the product of choice among many hoteliers as you can use the stain removing agent without having  to clean the entire item.
    cleaning solution
    99% of all stains removed using Clean & Fresh’s pioneering steam extraction technology for carpet & upholstery cleaning.


    Spray Extraction Technique
    Clean and Fresh pride themselves on being a market leader in the field of spray extraction technique.
    This method entails the specially developed formula being sprayed deep into the desired area of fabric or fibres at a specific pressure and is extracted immediately.
    The result: curtains, carpets, upholstery, are not only fibre-deep clean, but thanks to the low residual moisture content after 4 to 5 hours drying, which is of great advantage to the hospitatily industry for a high quality, quick result.
    Clean & Fresh also have specifically designed technically advanced, innovative  cleaning machines to meet requirements for fast, fiber-deep yet gentle cleaning of textile materials.
    woofsafeThe detergents used by Clean & Fresh are not only highly effective but also examined. When cleaning wool these products also bear the seal of WoolSafe certified by the International Wool Secretariat. 


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